Yale Students Unite in Response to Anti-Semitic Drawings in Powerful Ways

Students at Yale College are taking the hateful drawings that were scrawled on the campus sidewalk to heart and showing those behind the hateful acts their own message of love, peace and acceptance of diversity.

When Jonathan Holloway, Dean at Yale College, wrote in his email about the drawings found on Sunday, he asked students to stand together and combat such hateful messages from being spread. In an email to students. Holloway wrote, “There is no room for hate in this house.”

It seems as though the students at the college heard his message loud and clear too. Students have rallied around each other and created a powerful and moving mural in place of the swastikas in an attempt to show support for the Jewish students that attend Yale College and to celebrate the diversity of the community.

There have been attempts to completely remove the graffiti from the sidewalk, but faint remnants remained, spurring student Javier Cienfuegos and his fraternity brothers Willaim Genova and Sebastian Medina-Tayac to scrub the sidewalk with dish soap and Lysol in the middle of the night.

Word of what they were doing quickly spread via Facebook and resulted in a rather large group of students gathering around to blanket the sidewalk with words of love, peace and support. At the very center of the impromptu mural is a large blue Yale “Y” with homage paid to Holloway’s words from his email. In colorful letters for all to see, it states “There’s no room for H8 in this house.” A message that rings loud and clear.

Cienfuegos told The Huffington Post, “I think it was my way of telling people that I don’t care if it was an idiotic prank or a hoax, this kind of thing isn’t okay on my campus.”

Genova says of the efforts made by the students, “It shows how much Yalies (sic) appreciate the diversity that this campus has. At the end of the day, Yale really celebrates that, and students really come together. We don’t just respect it, we encourage it, and we thrive off this.”

The impromptu sidewalk re-chalking brought in over 75 students at one point and required a run for more chalk in order to have enough to last until the following day.

Upon completion of the mural, Cienfuegos posted about it on his personal Facebook page. His post states, “Our community felt a contagious wave of love, and it swept across the entirety of Durfee’s walkway. We will turn their hate into love, and we invite all Yalies (sic), whoever you are, to join our crusade.”

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