#WhoClass Special Session Being Held Tonight at the Palace Theater!

Whovians have plenty to be excited about tonight as Professor Rotolo’s #WhoClass is going to be open and free to the public for one super special session. The session will be held tonight at 6:30 PM at the Palace Theater in Syracuse, New York.

Professor Rotolo intends to present attendees with a very enthusiastic look at the first 20 years of Doctor Who with a series of interesting events ranging from an engaging lecture to a cosplay competition. Everyone in attendance will also get to watch one of the most classic episode of Doctor Who ever, “The Caves Androzani” as well as many other exciting treats that have yet to be announced!

As if all of Professor Rotolo’s plans for the lecture weren’t exciting enough, he’s got more in store for the lucky folks who make their way to the Palace Theater! The real treat tonight is going to be the opportunity to meet and snap a selfie with the Doctor’s “second best friend”, K-9!

Tonight’s special session is a great opportunity to see what the students of Syracuse University and Doctor Who fans have been experiencing during this semester’s “Doctor Who in the Digital Age” course taught by the brilliant Professor Rotolo.

It’s sure to be a blast, so prep your Tardis and remember your bow tie when you head to the Palace Theater this evening! All you have to do to attend is RSVP over at the #WhoClass event Facebook page and show up! Syracuse University students will be able to catch a ride on the shuttle provided by the Student Association, too!

Enjoy and Allons-y, everyone!

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