Which Online Learning Classes are Most Popular for Women?

A survey recently released by Western International University showed that women tend to view online degrees as more attainable than traditional in school degree programs. This has left researchers wondering which online courses in a massive open online course (MOOC) landscape are being selected by today’s female college students.

To find the answer to this question, the education website Coursera collected the data. The data was collected by delving deep into their enrollment data to see which classes women are taking more often.

So far Coursera is finding that food and nutrition based classes are topping the list with over 60% of enrollees in those classes being female. Coming in at a close second are teaching degrees with 60% of the students being female. Degrees in medicine, arts, health and society come in at third place with slightly more than 50% of students enrolled being female.

Predictably, STEM courses saw lower enrollment rates amount the female persuasion. Women only enrolled in 20% of degrees in engineering, computer science and software engineering. To really bottom out the STEM degrees, Physics, economics and finance degrees were exceptionally low as well. These number aren’t expected to change all that much in the coming years either, which then begs the questions of “why not?” and “how can we change that?”.

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