What to Study Today for a Career Tomorrow

If you are planning to join the workforce soon, there are definitely some degrees that will give you a better chance at landing a job right out of the gate. Some college graduates are finding success soon after graduation while others are forced to wait tables while a degree sits in their wheelhouse.

According to a study performed by Workopolis, there are five top degrees that will most likely garner graduates a job in their field:

  • Nursing school graduates have a 97% chance of scoring a job in a hospital or doctor’s office
  • Pharmacy associates have a 94% chance of finding employment
  • Computer Science majors will find success in the workforce with 91% of graduates finding employment
  • Engineering students will see about 90% of graduates finding employment
  • Human Resources degree holders will also have good odds of getting a job with about 88% of graduates getting a job

The study data gathered shows that typical jobs that are obtained by computer science degree holders are in software development, web development, business analyst, and consultant or project manager.

Those that graduate with an engineering degree will likely become mechanical, design, project, electrical and software engineers.

Ranking the highest for health care jobs are kinesiologists, physiotherapists, registered nurses, occupational therapists and pharmacists.

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