What Do New Demographic Studies Say About Gen Y?

Generation Y has largely grown up with the impression that they will fall into certain niches in college markets. They have been paying attention to these impressions and lessons since childhood and are now ready to make their own decisions. The real question now is: what is actually important to them during the college selection process.

There are some pretty interesting results coming from a new national survey of college students. Some of the results are showing that African American males are not nearly as influenced by financial aid and scholarships as white females tend to be. The survey also reports that Hispanic males tend to be more interested in selecting a school that has more of their friends are attending. Hispanic females on the other hand did not take that into nearly as much account.

Students of color have also been reported to feel that college fairs as well as emails from college admissions offices were important sources of information to them. These two things didn’t even play as a factor into the decision making process for white student according to the national survey.

This demographic information came from an online research visualization tool that is chock full with data. This new research tool comes from Lipman Hearne’s new study, “The Super Investigator Goes to College.” The study captures what more than 2,300 students around the United States have to say.

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