Ways to Build Civic Engagement in the Classroom

School has started for the majority of students and with that comes the perfect opportunity to foster a sense of civic engagement. It’s important for teachers and schools to implement some sort of community involvement from day one with students of all grades and educational levels.

Here are some of the most suggested ways to engage students in civic engagement both in and out of the classroom:

Bring speakers from the community into the classroom

There will plenty of opportunities for field trips and career days, but schools are wise not to rely solely on those things to expose students to the community. Teachers are finding new ways to bring the community to the students. Bringing in “real people” that live and work in the area to talk about life and all its moving parts can really help students to think outside of the box. It’s great to bring speakers in that have interesting jobs, but it is also of equal importance to bring in some speakers that are major contributors to the community.

Implement a school wide entrepreneur project

Creating a day where students can learn many important lessons from the business world will promote a drove in them to learn firsthand about branding, marketing and customer service. It will give students a chance to hear what other business owners in the community have to say as well as see how owning a business can help improve the community as a whole.

Take part in a school-wide beautification project

What better way to establish a sense of community involvement that to gather the students to perform park/beach clean ups, mural paintings or garden planting. This will help students to see how making their community a cleaner place for all is a great way to give back and find a sense of unity.

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