University of Missouri Students Garner Great Study Opp

The lucky students at the University of Missouri will now be able to gain some hands on study experience with some ancient artifacts that were brought in from the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

The Capitoline Museums have loaned the university 249 artifacts from the Roman Era for students to research and then catalog. The artifacts have yet to be studied as they have come from about 150 years of modern excavations from the Italian capital. These pieces are going to really give the students at the University of Missouri solid contact with Mediterranean archaeology.

After they have been examined, each item will return to the Capitoline Museums with a pedigree from the university that would not have been attainable on its own.

Francesco Venturini, the chief executive officer of Enel Green Power (the developers of this project), said “Our primary interest was in creating highways of knowledge between countries, because it’s a way to give back to the community.”

With the support of Enel Green Power the Culture Ministry in Rome finally agreed to this program in an effort to facilitate the export of these artifacts. This was a true feat as Italy is often weary of passing around the country’s cultural artifacts.

We’re sure that the students at the University of Missouri are excited to examine the pieces as well as establish a good relationship with the museums in hopes of being able to examine even more artifacts in the future.

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