University of Michigan Announces New Football Coach

Jim Harbaugh has officially been named as the new coach of the University of Michigan’s football team.

The former San Francisco 49ers coach is returning to his roots with a return to the university after more than 34 years away passing since his days as a quarterback.

Harbaugh said at the press conference on Tuesday, “There are very special words that are in the English language that we all embrace. There is ‘family,’ there is ‘friends,’ there is ‘teammates,’ there is ‘victory.’ I was reminded of another very special word when I was driving into Ann Arbor this morning and that word is ‘homecoming.’”

The new coach’s contract is seven years long and comes with a hefty paycheck of $5 million a year and a nice $2 million bonus for signing on. Harbaugh may not be the highest paid coach in college football, but he is certainly expected to bring in the high scores worthy of those high paydays.

His return to the Michigan football field has been very well received by students, fans and football players. There has even been a “Khaki out” scheduled in honor of the successful coach.

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