University of Florida Issues Alert After Receiving Threatening Twitter Messages

Tuesday evening, the University of Florida received a series of threatening Twitter messages from 15 different accounts sent from across the country. Each message came through at exactly the same moment  and cryptically said, “I’m gonna shoot up the college tomorrow.”

University officials sent out an email at about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning alerting students and faculty of the threats. The University of Florida Police Department has been contacted as well and said of the threat being “general in nature” and the “credibility of threat is considered to be low at this time.”

UFPD is working hard to determine where the 15 accounts and ensuing threats originated from with the help of resources from the FBI. There are currently no plans to cancel classes and campus security has been increased as a precaution.

Each of the threats was sent to the Twitter account of the UF football team and was discovered by the University Athletic Association, who then notified the UFPD.

There is a sense of unease among the students and faculty that is likely increased by the recent shooting on the Florida State University campus. Preeya Moody is a statistics major at UF and says, “Normally, I might have just dismisses it as a hoax. But after he FSU shooting, it felt more real, like it could actually happen.”

UFPD is still investigating the threats and ask anyone with information to please call them at (352) 391-1111.

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