University of California Stage Walkout After Tuition Hikes

The war against tuition hikes at the University of California is still going strong as students staged a walkout that extended to every campus on Monday.

The walkout comes on the heels of a sit-in staged by students at UC Berkeley after the UC Board of Regents voted in favor of raising the tuition 5% each year for a total of five years. The increase in rates bumps up the flat rate to be paid out by students to $12,804, which is a $612 increase from the current rates. By the time the five year plan is concluded, students will be paying out $15,564 a year. Books, room and board along with any other fees associated with attending the university will be added on top of the growing tuition prices.

It is estimated that upwards of 300 students participated in the walkout on the UC Berkeley campus according to Sofie Karasek, a senior at the school. If the live tweets coming from students at other campuses are any indication, the number of students said to have participated in the event may have easily reached into the thousands.

Karasek told the Huffington Post, “Essentially it’s a debate between Governor Brown and UC president Janet Napolitano over how the UC is going to be funded, and students are really pushing back against it. We’re not going to be the bargaining chip.”

Campuses statewide joined in the fight against the higher tuition fees by staging occupations of their own. Just as students at the UC Berkeley campus did, so did the those in attendance at UC San Diego and UC Irvine. Tweets and pictures of the action came pouring in and soon took center stage as a highly discussed topic on social media.

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