UNC Professor’s Termination Announced In Wake of Fake Course Scandal

Chancellor Carol Folt of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sent out a letter on Wednesday stating that Jeanette Boxill, a professor in the philosophy department, was being fired for her role in the fraudulent classes that were brought to light in October.

The now infamous Wainstein Report conducted by former U.S. Justice Department official, Kenneth Wainstein, found that over 3,100 students were receiving fake grades for nonexistent courses in order to stay in good academic standing. The fraud is reported to have occurred from 1993 to 2011.

The letter states that Boxill was informed of her dismal months ago when the scandal initially rocked the North Carolina campus. She is said to have have advised the students she directed on the women’s basketball team to enroll in the fake classes, attempted to have the players grades changed in their favor and even admitted to correcting some student papers.

Chancellor Folt said that Boxill’s termination came “in light of the extraordinary circumstances underlying the longstanding and intolerable academic irregularities described in the Wainstein Report, as well as her role as chair of the faculty council during a period of time covered by the report.”

Boxill is one of four professors to be relieved from their positions as a result of the academic fraud. She is said to be appealing her termination at this time.

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