UI Students Start Letter Campaign For J.K. Rowling

Students at the University of Iowa are hoping to get the next best thing to an acceptance letter from Hogwarts as they launch a letter writing campaign to bring Harry Potter author and goddess to all “Potterheads,” J.K. Rowling to speak at the university in the Spring of 2016.

The campaign was launched by the University of Iowa Lecture Committee in February and is open until March 13. Students and faculty members alike are holding their collective breaths in hopes of luring the elusive Ms. Rowling to make a rare appearance at the university.

“The University of Iowa…is the place where creative ideas are formulated, honed and even celebrated,” says university professor and Harry Potter lecturer, Donna Parsons. “Having the opportunity to hear J.K. Rowling speak allows students to share a unique moment with the writer who helped them realize that their goals and ambitions can be accomplished.”

The brilliant idea came from Nathanial Richmond, a fourth year grad student and chair of the Lecture Committee. He said, “I actually thought it was a terrible idea at first, because when you look into this, she doesn’t accept speaking engagements officially. I still mentioned it to the committee, and the committee as a whole was excited about it.”

Richmond goes on to say, “We thought we are certainly not alone in that we would enjoy having her come speak. We thought we needed to come up with a way to set ourselves apart. We like the idea of a physically imposing box showing up at her doorstep.”

Oh what a box it will be, too! Students, faculty and residents of Iowa City are joining forces to bring Ms. Rowling to the Hawkeye State. The Committee is hoping to deliver over 100 letters to her London home.

They’ve even offered to sweeten the deal for her by pledging to donate upwards of $50,000 to her Lumos charity.

Students at the university are hopeful that Ms. Rowling will speak at their school, especially since she has made such an indelible mark upon their young lives and even inspired them to pursue their dreams of becoming published authors some day.

Sophomore Megan Deppe is among those inspired and said, “Seeing my favorite author is like seeing a movie star. She’s really the reason why I wanted to become a writer. She showed us writing doesn’t have to be boring. Harry Potter defined a generation. I know how hard it is to get authors to speak, especially J.K. Rowling. But if anyone can do it, it would be the University of Iowa.”

Excuse me while I try to figure out a way to get accepted to the University of Iowa at 30 years old so that I can rock my Gryffindor colors and try to wrangle my inner Harry Potter fan girl when/if Ms. Rowling makes her way to Iowa!

If any of our readers would like to help the University of Iowa in making their dream a reality, send a letter for J.K. Rowling to:

University Lecture Committee

ATTN: J.K. Rowling Invitations

145 Iowa Memorial Union

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA 52242

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