UC Berkeley’s Real Estate Division Breached

There was a recent security breach on the UC Berkeley campus real estate division’s system. The university’s officials are reportedly in the process of letting around 1,600 people know that their personal information may be in the hands of hackers.

Social Security numbers and credit card information is among the data siphoned out of the computer system. The data taken is said to date all the way back to 1990 and may be as recent as May of this year.

While no official confirmation of how the system was accessed, school officials believe that the breach occurred when an employee logged in to work remotely. It is suspected that the employees login and password were stolen, which allowed those responsible for the breach to gain access to all of the sensitive information.

Grace Crvarich, the Chief Operating Officer, has begun the process of sending out letters to those whose information has been compromised. In her letter, she states “We have no evidence that an unauthorized individual has misused your personal information; however, there are some steps you should consider taking to protect yourself.”

The letter also offers victims of the breach a year membership to a credit monitoring service to ensure that they are not further impacted by the incident. The portion of the letter regarding the credit monitoring reads as follows:

“We have contracted with ID Experts, a company that specializes in identity theft protection and fraud resolution, to provide you with a comprehensive one year membership in their program. As part of your one year membership, you will receive credit monitoring and protection services for 12 months at no cost. We encourage you to contact ID Experts with any questions and to enroll in the free services by calling 877-846-6340 or going to www.myidcare.com/ucbinfo. ID Experts is available Monday through Friday from 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time. Please note the deadline to enroll is March 20, 2015.”

This isn’t the first time the UC Berkeley campus has experienced a massive security breach, though. In 2008 over 160,000 students and alumni had their personal information compromised when the health services center was preyed upon by hackers.

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