Winter Is Coming: UB Hosts Early Screening of Game of Thrones Season 5

Who cares if it’s technically the second week of spring, because winter is coming” for the lucky students of the University of Buffalo on March 29th as a special pre-screening of the highly anticipated fifth season of Game of Thrones is held.

UB students are fortunate enough to get this sneak peak a whopping two weeks before the rest of us poor saps get to catch up with Jon Snow, Tyrion Lanister, Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark. HBO isn’t set to premiere the new season until April 12th much to the dismay of the show’s loyal fan base.

Students can thank the hard working folks of Campus Living for making the upcoming event possible with the help of the UB Student Association.

Campus Living had a hand in bringing HBO Go to the students residing on campus and made it possible for them enjoy their favorite premium shows by streaming them from the comfort of their dorm rooms. It was this partnership that prompted the major cable network to grant the university this awesome opportunity.

“It was a very collaborative effort,” said Kevin Kuchta, the assistant director of marketing and communication for Campus living, according to the UB Spectrum. “We worked with the HBO Go, the CFA and the SA to put the whole event together. It was HBO’s idea to use Game of Thrones and we knew there would be a lot of student interest.”

The Student Association has given away 2,500 ticket vouchers away to eager students hoping to score a seat at Saturday’s pre-screening. While there is said to be a limit to number of tickets available, the event’s Facebook page assures students there will “definitely be” tickets up for grabs on the day of the event for those who missed early sign up.

There’s also a shot at scoring some VIP tickets to the premiere for those interested in submitting their fan art to the Student Association. There will be 10 fan art submissions selected as the winners, which will then be displayed during the pre-screening on Saturday. Winning submissions will also be included in the publication of the Game of Thrones Compendium. Students only have until tomorrow, March 25th at noon to submit their work.

Hopefully everyone in attendance will enjoy themselves while the rest of us sit here and ponder why “all men must die” until we can get our own Game of Thrones fix on April 12th.

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