U.S. Senate Race Hangs in the Balance Due to Education Issues

Education issues are going to be a highly weighted issue during the upcoming U.S. Senate running. These issues are important because they will largely determine which party gets the votes and has control over the chamber next year.

There are many states that are in gridlock over key education polices that could ultimately make or break the votes one way or another. As it stands now, Republicans are really pushing to take the Senate from the Democrats, which is plausible given how close the seat holdings are currently. There is a current part split of 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans and 2 Independents. Education issues may not be at the very forefront of the current policies in limbo, but they are still ranking pretty high on the list.

These thoughts are echoed by the founding partners of OnMessage Inc, Curt Anderson.

“In general, I don’t think education issues are at the top tier of what’s going on in this election.” Anderson states. “They’re close, but it always seemed to me what happens is when you have an economically distressed time…that always takes the number one spot.”

Some of the major hitting points that are on the table during the impending races are:

  • North Carolina is throwing down over education spending and the salaries of teachers. The Republican Party has been trying to oust current Democratic Senator, Kay Hagan since she was originally elected in 2008. Hagan is currently trying to fend of GOP nominee Thom Tillis, which may be a bit of a challenge given how traditionally conservative North Carolina is.
  • In Georgia there is the never ending battle of the Common Core State Standards. Current Georgia Senator, Saxby Chambliss is set to retire this coming year and the battle to continue the trend of having a Republican seat holder is going strong. The two leads in the race are Democratic Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue.
  • There is an intense showdown in Iowa about higher education and student loans. The current Democratic Senator, Tom Harkin has plans to retire as well. The battle for his seat is pretty intense with Democratic nominee, U.S. Rep Bruce Braley and Republican state Senator Joni Ernst battling it out and butting heads over major educational issues.
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