U.S. Department of Education Finds Princeton University in Violation of Title IX

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Princeton University is said to be in violation of Title IX. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits the discrimination of genders at institutions that receive any federal funding. A case against Princeton is being opened due to the suspected violation of this law in regards to instances of sexual harassment and violence.

The number one rated university is being cited by the Education Department for what they state as “failing to promptly and equitably respond to complaints of sexual violence, including sexual assault, and also failing to end the sexually hostile environment for one student. The policies and procedures used by the university to investigate and respond to assaults and violence did not comply with Title IX.”

The Education Department opened a review of all outstanding sexual violence cases, which contained 55 schools with open and unresolved reports. Princeton was among the schools mentioned and has since revolved the cases.

A settlement was reached between Princeton and the Education Department that requires them to investigate all complaints, even the ones dating back to 2011. The review of old cases in conjunction with the new policies and procedures is thought to correct a great many of the problems noted and be a step forward for Princeton.

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