Tufts University Students Fight To Save Jobs Of Janitorial Staff

The students involved in the Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC) are working hard to save the jobs of some of the Tufts University janitorial staff.

DTZ, a company specializing in property services, is currently contracting the janitorial staff at the university and is intending to cut back on some positions when the contract with Tufts is renewed. This is the very thing that TLC is trying to prevent and is stepping up on the behalf of the employees to speak out against the potential cuts.

Lior Appel–Kraut, Tufts University sophomore and TLC president says, “Rumors began spreading from DTZ managers to janitors that there would be cuts to personnel sometime this year. The administration hasn’t denied it…claiming that these cuts [may] need to be made to increase efficiency.”

To show their support for the employees at risk of losing their jobs and to stand against the cuts, TLC staged a 31 hour sit-in at the campus administrative building. The sit-in took executive vice president, Patricia Campbell by surprise and prompted an agreement to keep the impact of any cuts to a minimum and staved off until April. The agreement was signed by both Campbell and Appel-Kraut and states that students will be consulted before any cuts are made.

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