Trident University International Offers New Cyber Security Degree Program

The need for increased cyber security has been a hot topic as of late between the attack on Sony’s system and the hack on the real estate network at University of California — Berkeley, which may be prevented in the future with the new Cyber Security focused Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program now available at Trident University International.

To support the thought that cyber security is lacking, the International Information Systems Certification Consortium acknowledges that this is something that may be responsible for some ill effects on the economy and those  felt by both companies and consumers alike.

The dean of the College of Information Systems at Trident Univeristy, Dr. Stephen “Simcha” Pollard, says “As the world advances into the realm of cyberspace, security issues become a primary concern for both users and developers. Trident is now an active participant in providing highly trained computer scientists to help keep cyberspace safe.”

Trident certainly has the know how to back up a program of this magnitude as they are official membes of the Cyberwatch West group and academic advocates of the ISACA. To add even more to their cyber power punch, the most recent survey released by reported Trident’s computer science degree program to be the “best value.”

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