Three Students Wounded in Early Morning Shooting on FSU Campus

Early Thursday morning, three Florida State University students were shot on the first floor of the Strozier Library. During the intense situation on campus, students elsewhere were advised to stay in a safe place and avoid windows when possible. The gunman, a former FSU student, was stopped from harming more students when the police arrived and were forced to shoot him down.

There were many students still studying in the Strozier Library when the shootings happened at 12:30 in the morning. Help arrived quickly as students from different buildings became aware of the dangerous situation and began calling 911 immediately to inform authorities that there was gunfire, students yelling and possibly others hurt. When the authorities arrived, each floor of the library was evacuated in an attempt to keep the remaining students out of the shooters path.

FSU senior, Delbert Infinger said of the shooting, “Everybody was obviously terrified when we didn’t know what was going on. All we knew was what we heard from the students who came running up the stairwell yelling that there was a gun.”

Courtney Hansen is a sophomore at FSU and was one of the student’s to witness the evacuation of the the library by the police. She says of her experience, “I am still shaking. The images [of students] of running out of the second floor library and running away outside while hearing shots will forever be burned in my mind.”

With a student body of over 40,000 and final exams looming, it’s no surprise that the 24 hour library was filled with students at that hour.

Social media lit up once the aftermath of the shooting became a reality for those on the FSU campus. There were stories of experiences inside the library during the chaos and condolences for those injured on Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. There have also been several memorable images around the internet of students running from the library, the police presence on the scene and most striking of all, the floor of the library littered with papers, books and backpacks.

This tragic event has brought the students of FSU even closer as junior, Morgan Lavender pointed out. Morgan was also on the third floor of the library during the shooting and she said of the new bonds formed, “I can definitely say that I’ve never seen strangers become family so quickly. People were holding each other crying, shaking and making that ‘just in case’ phone call.”

FSU senior, Amy Daire, echoed similar thoughts in her statement made to reporters on the scene. Daire said, “I think the entire FSU community is trying to make sense of it and despite the danger and severity of the situation. I don’t think anyone at this school has ever felt more safe, thanks to the Tallahassee and campus police, and more Unconquered, thanks to the unity of the students today.”

All classes for Thursday were canceled at Florida State University although the campus remained open.

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