Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Here are Some Things to Consider Before Doing So

Are you tempted to quit your job right now, even though you don’t exactly have a new one on the hook? Do you feel pretty good about the odds of finding another one, but don’t have anything concrete to back it up yet? Well if you answered “yes” to either question, you for sure want to read the rest of what we have to say about quitting your job without having another lined up. Here’s why we think you should hold off until you have something else in the works:

  1. There is a possibility that it will take you longer to find a new job than you think it will
  • It’s easy to think to yourself that you will find another job quickly, but think again because unemployment rates are high and that means that there is a ton of competition out there.
  1. It’s actually easier to find another job while you still have one.
  • It’s a common practice for employers to hire people that already have current jobs. A lot of people assume things about potential job candidates either walked away from a job without notice or that they were fired. Neither of those things look that great for applicants.
  1. The job offer you have been counting on may fall through.
  • Sometimes things just happen and the job offer that we are holding out hope for falls through. This happens a lot unfortunately and can really leave you in a bind, so be mindful of this pitfall when considering quitting your job.
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