There’s An App For That: Class120 App Sends Message To Parents When Students Skip Class

It looks like the days of dodging those early morning classes are numbered as the new Class120 app will now send a message to the phones of parents whose college students are still hitting the snooze button when they should be in a lecture hall.

The app was created by the Founder and CEO of Core Principle, Jeff Whorley and was inspired by a conversation he once has with a college professor. He learned of the high number of students skipping their classes and decided he would do something to help.

“Class attendance, more than how much you study or how well you study determines how well a student will do,” said Whorley.

Class120 is designed to send notices to the iPhones of parents, professors and even campus officials if a student doesn’t attend a class as scheduled. Students are also notified if they miss a class, which will also prepare them for the inevitable lecture about the importance of attending class awaiting them once the weekly phone call home is made.

The app was just launched on January 20 and already has roughly 2,000 people using it. Whorley is hoping to see an additional 5,000 people start using Class120 by the start of the fall semester as wel.

Graduation rates are starting to decline and tuition is going up, which is something Whorley has taken note of. He said, “About 50% of all freshman that begin do not have a degree in four years. That’s a real problem.”

The app is only available for iPhone users right now, but is expected to expand to Android phones in the near future. The basic service starts out at $17.99 a month or $199.99 a year. Two other packages are available at increased rates as well on the Class120 website.

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