The Top Concern Among Students Will Likely Surprise You

Six out of ten students say that a slow campus network connection is their biggest concern according to a survey performed by Ipswitch, a Massachusetts based company. 50% of students responded with concerns that network accessibility was their primary concern. There were 36% of students that named system security as their top concern.

Half of college campuses that were surveys say that they have spent a good amount of money trying to appease the students need for better broadband. This is proving to be difficult with the amount of devices that are used and as much bandwidth as is needed. Students these days need a hefty network connection to handle the rampant use of laptops, smart phones, tablets and video game consoles…sometimes all at the same time too. Schools are not able to recoup these costs through tuition or student fees either.

Currently 76% of schools are struggling to meet the students’ demand for better internet access, so it’s pretty clear that this is a mighty struggle to conquer. Campus IT professionals echo the sentiment that it is so hard to keep up with the bandwidth demand because of the amount of devices that students use right out the gate. With the average student coming to school with 2-4 mobile devices in tow, you can see where the issue is and how it may seem like a losing battle.

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