The Learning Shelter Aims to Help Homeless Students

The Learning Shelter, a program aimed at providing additional skills to homeless students, is expected to begin its first classes in early 2015.

Founder of the Learning Shelter, Marc Roth, has personal experience and a unique perspective and is using them to launch this program. The intent is to provide homeless students with a 90 day live-in education. During the program students will learn what will hopefully prove to be invaluable experience that can later transition to the work place.

The program will be based in San Francisco and 10 students will be provided full housing and a private workspace to learn. Some of the tech trade skills that will be taught are laser printing, 3-D printing, CNC machining, woodworking and several other skills.

Roth says, “There’s something to getting up and going somewhere everyday that motivates.” He goes on to explain there has to be a balance between living and workspace for the program to be sustainable. Roth intends to turn eight sizable shipping containers into functional workspaces that will have power and bathroom access. He hopes to find housing in San Francisco that allows for a workspace too.

He also says, “If you look on Craigslist for housing prices around the area, there’s some better prices as you get out toward Bay Shore (nearby neighborhoods) – it’s not all ridiculous.” Hopefully that is the case because this program could be a major game changer for the homeless students in the San Francisco area.

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