The Lack of Well Paying Jobs Adds Fuel to the Underemployment Fire

If you are feeling underpaid and underworked, you’re not alone because just about half the country feels the same way. While we know that the economy is finally making a turn around, the types of jobs and their less than stellar pay are definitely making some folks feel the strain.

Katie Bardaro, the Lead Economist for PayScale says, “Underemployment is a real concern for today’s job seekers as the economic recovery continues to be sluggish”. She also states “Hiring in many industries remains below expectations and unless you are in certain high demand fields like technology or health care, well paying job opportunities are simply not plentiful”.

40 percent of workers currently feel underpaid and eight in ten of these workers sat that being underpaid is the reason they feel this way. PayScale has a new report, Underemployment: Overeducated, Underpaid and Underworked, which sheds some interesting light on this situation, so we definitely suggest a read of that piece for some further clarification.

Studies are showing that Generation Y’ers (those born between 1982 and 2002) are experiencing the most underemployment. Gen Y is currently sitting at about a 45 percent underemployment rate. This may be due to the increase in degree choices made by these workers. Studies are showing that those with Liberal Arts, Psychology and English Language and Literature degrees are hanging out in the highest percentage of workers that feel they are underemployed and underpaid.

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