The Best of the Best: The Top Ivy League Journalism Schools and Some Extra Helpful Info

Arianna Huffington, Tom Brokaw, Diane Sawyer and Carl Berstein better look out because there is a new crop of journalists elbowing their way onto the scene…Well, at least we hope that’s the case after you, our fantastic LearnU-ions finish reading what we’ve got on the docket today. As is our usual style, we’ve got a lot of information to pack into a little bit of time, so no more lallygagging and let’s get right to it!

A Little Data for You First…

The journalism field is tough and there is a lot of competition to keep up with. According to the last report from the Pew Research Center, only 65% of new journalism graduates found employment within six to eight months after graduation. That leaves a whopping 35% unemployed or not using the degree that they worked so hard to earn.

Stiff competition and less than stellar employment rates are prime examples of why attending a cream of the crop college or university is going to be key to your future success. The reality is, employers do consider the school you attended as part of their hiring criteria, so why not be a step ahead of the game?

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Top 5 Ivy League Journalism Schools

We’ve combed the internet far and wide to find the best of the best, the crème de la crème and the pick of the proverbial litter when it comes to journalism schools. We think we’ve got some good finds for you, so let’s get right to it!

Columbia University

Columbia University is well-known for their journalism degree programs. In fact, in 2011, they ranked fourth place on the U.S. News & World Report that focused on the top schools in the country. This Ivy League powerhouse offers up degrees in journalism and its little sister, communications. The only catch here is that these degrees are only for graduate students, but it would still look awesome to have Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism on your resume.

Students that attend Columbia are able to enroll in a Master of the Arts or Master of Science in Journalism as well as the option to parlay your master’s degree into a Doctor of Philosophy in Communications if your little heart so desires. The course possibilities are pretty endless and there is the added benefit of being able to sit in on workshops and seminars to aid you in the development of your reporting skills. The university is well-known for their award giving and most notably the ever coveted Pulitzer Price.


Indiana University in Bloomington

You can kick it “old school” at this 100 year old school and earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degree at Indiana University’s, Media School. You’ll have the ability to guide your degree program in journalistic areas like print, broadcasting, online media, public relations among many others. The educational experience at Indiana University will bring you to new settings with each class. You can go from the classroom listening to a lecture in one session and follow it up with a reporting project that takes you out into the media world.

The professors and other support faculty are said to be some of the best around and will guide you through the degree process to ensure that you are meeting and exceeding your goals. There is a very diverse student body with students gathering at the Indiana University Media School from well over 28 states and 11 countries. Sounds like a prime learning spot to us!


University of California in Berkeley

The UC Berkeley has previously been the highest ranking university in America and was ranked in 22nd place in 2011’s U.S. News & World Report. This university has a Graduate School of Journalism and offers students the opportunity to take a 2 year Master’s of Journalism degree program too. The program is packed with 13 different study paths which allow students to learn about business, environmental, science, investigative and international journalism. If radio, television, magazine, newspaper, internet media or political journalism are more your speed, no problemo here! You can easily find your niche and really work on your skills.


University of Florida

Can’t you just hear the sand, surf and sun calling your name already? We sure can, but we actually live by the beach and that’s likely the reason we can hear it (LOL). The University of Florida offers one of the nation’s top schools for journalism at their UF College of Journalism and Communications. The faculty, curriculum and degree programs help to keep UF at the top of the list when it comes to journalism degrees in the United States

There are degree programs at bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree levels, which is super exciting since a lot of journalism schools only bring on students at a graduate level. At the UF College of Journalism and Communications, you will have the option to gear your studies towards advertising, public relations, telecommunications and of course varying fields of journalism. Grab the sunscreen and get ready to hit the beach after class!


University of Missouri in Columbia

Back in 2010, the University of Missouri in Columbia scored a number one spot on U.S. News & World Report’s list of top public schools. This is touted as being one of the best schools in the country still even though it’s been four years since the report from 2010 was published. It’s pretty easy to see why this university is considered a top dog in its specialty area. The University of Missouri is the largest research school in the state, which is good because it is used to accommodate the School of Journalism as well as bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree programs that have over 30 different areas of focus in total.

There is ample time for hands on learning at the University of Missouri in Columbia too. You will be able to get your feet wet at the schools radio stations, websites and two on-campus newspapers, the Columbia Missourian and the Global Journalist.


Journalism Scholarships

There’s no doubt that college is expensive and even more so when you are looking at earning a graduate degree or higher. There may be a solution to help you avoid being buried in student debt. We are talking about finding and applying for any and all scholarships available to students pursing degrees in journalism.

It’s November, which always gives us the warm fuzzies and makes us want to do nice things for our readers. So, we put our collective brain power together and found some awesome scholarship opportunities for all of you aspiring journalism majors. Grab your pen and paper because we’ve got some super helpful information to throw your way.

RTDNA Abe Schechter Graduate Scholarship – Deadline of May 02, Annually

You may already be familiar with who Abe Schechter is and if not you will be once we are through with you. He was a pioneer of his day and changed the face…err well the voice of radio news. He is well-known for his time with General MacArthur as his senior public relations officer during the second World War. He spent many years at NBC and even had a hand in the Today show as well as being part owner of the Mutual Broadcasting System.

He had a long career that was full of exciting business ventures and trailblazing through the journalism field. Schechter and his wife were tragically killed in a car accident in 1989 and his death is what prompted this $2,000 scholarship fund to be established. It has gone on to help many journalism students get their start towards a college degree and a future journalist. The website for the RTDNA Abe Schechter Graduate Scholarship has all of the detauls needed to apply for the funding, so be sure to check it out by clicking on the link below!


SCPA Foundation Summer Internships – Deadline of January 17, Annually

The SCPA Foundation Summer Internships scholarship is something that journalism students that intend to work in the newspaper industry may want to take a closer look at. There is a general requirement that students only apply if their sophomore year of schooling will be completed by the end of the approaching spring semester.

Winners of this scholarship are selected based upon a few essential qualifications. Students must demonstrate a commitment to working in newspaper as a career, be actively involved with newspaper activities at their college, receive recommendations from faculty members and teachers that have witnessed the students skills first hand and have good enough grades to back it all up. An added factor is the need for financial assistance that applicants may experience. Winners of the SCPA Foundation Summer Internships are able to a 4 year degree at any college that is approved by the Foundation as long as it is in South Carolina. Definitely make sure to click on the link below to zoom on over to the Foundation’s website for all the deets on how to apply!


Anne Trabue Scholarship – Deadline of May 15, Annually

Anne Tarbue was a multifaceted woman that wore many hats throughout her life. She was a notable journalist who wrote about one of her passions in life – golf! Anne was so well-known around the golf course that she was given the moniker of the “mother of women’s golf in Southern California” as well as for her way of putting paper to pen to make even golf seem a little bit interesting. She was a very loved lady and made it virtually impossible for anyone to speak an ill word about her with her gracious charm, intelligence and patience.

She cemented her place in the Women’s Southern California Golf Association and remained a prominent force within the organization until her death in 1957. As proof of her impact on the WSCGA and women’s golf as a whole, the Foundation pays homage to Anne with a scholarship for students who like her, have a passion for both writing and golf. The WSCGA Foundation prefers the applicants have the intent to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and sports print. Again, we want to remind you to click on the link below to be directed to the scholarship’s website so you can get all the goods on how to apply and hopefully score a hole in one by being awarded the funds for school!


National Association of Black Journalists Scholarship Programs – Deadline Varies

Each year, the National Association of Black Journalists hands out scholarships totaling more than $30,000 to students that are eligible and deserving of financial assistance. Each recipient of the scholarship receives up to $5,000 to put towards continuing their educations.

The NABJ scholarship is open to students that are both American born as well as international students. Students must already be attending a four year college or university to be eligible along with submitting four packets to the national office. The last requirement is for students to be members of the NABJ prior to applying for the scholarship. One last time…Don’t forget to check out the link below to go to the NABJ website to read up on everything you need to know to be a prime candidate for the scholarship.


One More Thing Before You Go…

So, by now we know the best Ivy League journalism schools to apply to and where to submit applications for some likely needed financial assistance…Unless of course you’re a Rockefeller or a member of the Walton family. There is one more thing that we want to show you before you ride off into the sunset towards your dreams of being the next Christiane Amanpour or Tom Wolfe.

If you’ve visited us before, then you know how much we love a good YouTube video. Today is no exception because we found the perfect video for all of you future trailblazers of the journalism world.

In this video, a real live journalism student from the Ohio University, explains pretty much all of the most important things you’ll need to know when it comes to how to get into a journalism program at one of the top schools in the nation. We feel like this is the best way to end what we’ve presented to you today, so you should be good to go and ready to leave the nest. Good luck and don’t forget to spare us a by-line at some point!

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