Temple University Student Tragically Falls To Her Death

The early hours of Thursday evening were quickly shattered by the falling death of an 18 year old young woman who was a freshman at Temple University. Her boots remained at the scene well after she fell and served as heartbreaking place holder marking the spot that a bright young life was ended all too soon.

The young woman was visiting two male friends in their dorm room at the Art Institute of Philadelphia located at the 1500 block of Chestnut Street at the time of her death.

She was reportedly taking pictures with her cell phone and is believes to have slipped when attempting head back into the dorm room of her friends.

Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small said, “She may have even been sitting on the ledge, it’s about a two foot wide ledge, possibly taking some pictures.”

The student is said to have fallen out of the window on the 8th floor at around 6 p.m. Thursday evening and landed on a 44 year old woman who was passing by the street below on foot.

Both women were found by bystanders on the sidewalk in front of the H&M clothing store. Many calls were made to 911 reporting the incident and the need for medical attention was responded to quickly by both police and emergency medical personnel as they arrived on the scene within minutes of receiving the calls.

The young student was rushed to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, but as a result of the severe trauma to her head, she was pronounced dead a mere 37 minutes after her 8 story fall.

Chief Small said of the other woman involved in the accident, “The 44 year old female, she ws conscious, she was talking, she was very upset and she was complaining of pain.”

The woman quickly was transported to Hahnemann Hospital where she is being treated for a fractured vertebrae in her neck as well as lost teeth. She is reported to be in stable condition at this time.

Will Owens, an H&M security guard, was stationed outside of the store and was present when the young woman fell. Initially he didn’t see anything, but it didn’t take long to see that something was terribly wrong as shoppers and pedestrians soon began to gather around the scene.

He said, “A lot of people were shocked. A lot of people couldn’t believe what happened.”

“You never would think someone would fall on you while you were trying to walk down the street. It’s a very unfortunate accident,” said Cora Williams, a pedestrian on the scene.

Temple University spokesman, Brandon Lausch, emailed a statement that read, “Temple University is deeply saddened to learn of the death of one of our students in Center City Philidelphia. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.”

The Philadelphia Police are in the process of acquiring a search warrant that will allow them to access the dorm room of the men the student was reportedly visiting prior to her fall and speak to them, according to CBS Philly. They also intend to review any surveillance videos available from around the time the incident occurred to garner any extra information that may shed some light on what happened.

While it is still early in the investigation, police do not suspect foul play or suicide to be the cause of the young woman’s fall.

The identity of the student has yet to be released to the media as of Friday morning. Her family was notified of her death late Thursday night, according to a report by My Fox Philly.

The students of Temple University who wish to seek emotional support in the wake of this tragic event may do so at Tuttleman Counseling Services. Information regarding the mental health services offered at the university can be found at www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/counseling/.

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