Team SOBO Hits Oman For Archaeological Project

Students from Temple University, the University of South Alabama and Ohio State University have joined forces on the trip of a lifetime in northern Oman as part of the archaeological project called Social, Spatial and Bioarchaelogical Histories of Ancient Oman. The students refer to themselves as Team SOBO.

Team SOBO has been in Oman since December 16th and will return to their campuses on January 11th. The students are working with Dr. Kimberly Williams and Dr. Lesley Gregoricka in an attempt to study ancient mortuary traditions and to learn about the culture of the the ancient Oman society.

Williams says, “This is a real working research project, not an archaeological field school. So our purpose is not solely to train these students. Of course, through their participation they receive training. But we have high standards and the work is hard. These students rise to the occasion every time.”

Team SOBO is comprised of eight undergraduate students, two graduate student TA’s, one researcher from the cultural research and restoration group and one resident of Oman.

Williams has been bringing students with a desire to become archaeologists into the field since 2010 and looks at these expeditions as great training ground and an opportunity to expand knowledge bases with priceless experiences.

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