Syracuse University Professor Taps Into Doctor Who Mania with Free Online Course

Grab your sonic screwdrivers and get your bow ties ready! A new online course dedicated to the pop culture phenomenon that is Doctor Who will soon be headed to a computer near you, thanks to Professor Anthony Rotolo of Syracuse University.

This new massive open online course, titled “Doctor Who in the Digital Age,” is completely free and available to students of Syracuse University on campus or to other fans of the show in an online format. Professor Rotolo refers to his course as an “Un-Class” since it is not an official class offered for credit through the university, but he doesn’t want that to stop you from stepping into the Tardis with him this spring.

Students will have a front row seat to an exploration of history, evolution and the impact Doctor Who has had on society since its debut in 1963. Professors Rotolo will offer up insight into the series in his ever engaging way through lectures, seminars, trivia challenges and of course screenings of the show’s episodes from the past and present. The course will answer questions that fans have  had while watching the show, such as “who is The Doctor?” and “how have modern digital methods aided in the process of restoring old episodes to their full glory?” There will be  insight given into the unique ways the show interjects seemingly unrelated concepts,like the future and aliens, as a means of creating social commentary on current societal issues as well.

Professor Rotolo told, “I was inspired to put this course together because it is my belief that learning can and should be fun, and while not all courses can be about television series, some can!” He went on to say, “My Star Trek course has been a tremendous success, and I am proud to say that it has inspired countless students to find their path in media and even science and technology fields. As a teacher, there is nothing more important than that, and nothing more rewarding than hearing from a student that your course has had an impact in his or her life.”

The course doesn’t officially begin until the January, but there are frequent updates available on Twitter and Facebook as excited students use the #WhoClass hashtag to share information. The excitement building is almost palpable as more students enroll and binge watch all of the episodes available on Netflix.

So far, more than 220 students have enrolled in the course and actual seats in a classroom aren’t guaranteed due to the rising number in enrollment. Have no fear, Whovians since online registration is open for anyone and everyone in need of a Doctor Who fix and can be completed online with ease.

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