Study Shows New Moms Have More Degrees Than Ever Before

According to the new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, many women who are having babies during the recession are more educated than ever. This is a trend that has continued to accelerate too.

The statistics show that three years after the recession started in 2007, there was a 17% decline in births among women that did not have a high school diploma. In 2011 there were only 14% of new mothers that lacked a high school diploma. Also reported for 2011, there were 66% of mothers that had at least some college education too.

This is all pretty good news for babies though. Pew reports that there is a strong connection between maternal education and healthier birth weights, full term gestation as well as infants having better cognitive skills.

The Pew report states, “It is difficult to determine whether maternal education is causing some of these outcomes, or if it is serving as a proxy for some other causal factor (for example, economic well-being). What is irrefutable, though, is that on average the more education a woman has, the better off her children will be.”

The study performed is also finding that the amount of women that have at least some college education has more than double since 1960 and has even increased since the start of the recession.

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