Study: Communication Studies Degree on the Rise

A newly released assessment from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences made its debut this week. The results of the data presented by Humanities Indicator states that communication studies are on the rise and showing strong growth and popularity among undergraduate students. The data also suggests that communication studies may finally be beating it’s sibling degrees in the humanities field.

Robert Townsend, Director of the Washington Office of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, spearheaded the study and he says, “In terms of numbers, communication studies stood out regarding the amount of students majoring in the field. It was quite striking when we were crunching the numbers – how different it seemed in the sheer volume of students. It was much higher than the other disciplines and was certainly the largest of the disciplines we looked at.”

It is likely that the major growth in social networking and a more digitized economy may play into the communication studies having new life breathed into them. The college students of 20 years ago didn’t have the tools that students today do, so the abstract thinking that is a necessary part of success in humanity degree, may have been lost all those years ago. The wide scope of the degree and coursework is probably appealing for students that aren’t exactly sure what direction they want to head in yet.

Supporting this theory is Betsy Bach, Communication Studies Professor at the University of Montana. She says, “I think as students become a little more careerist, they search for a degree that is flexible and adaptable and I think communication provides for both of those.”

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