Students Pepper Sprayed By Police After OSU National Championship Win

Celebrations after the Buckeyes’ triumph over the Oregon Ducks got out of hand and resulted in students being pepper sprayed by law enforcement on the Ohio State University campus, according to reports out of Columbus.

After the national championship game was over, the excitement over the OSU victory reached a fever pitch as nearly 8,000 students began climbing the football stadium’s walls, knocked down goal posts and eventually spilling out onto nearby High Street.

By this point the crowd was getting out of hand with students reportedly blocking traffic lanes and throwing beer bottles at the responding officers, according to police on the scene. The intensity of the situation required the police force of Columbus to step in and calm the crowds before things escalated much further.

After attempts to curb the crowd’s increasingly agitated behavior failed, law enforcement felt that they were forced to take crowd control to the next level. Donning helmets and gas masks, Columbus police officers and SWAT team members sent tear gas into the crowds in an attempt to quail the crowd of students and hopefully calm some of the rising tensions.

At one point, police officers were standing on one side of the street as students stood at the other near the OSU student union. According to WKYC photojournalist Craig Roberson, the students engaged in what he described as a “stare down” with the responding police officers.

The mass of students issued a call and response that resembled a rallying war cry of “O-H!” “I-O!”

It has been reported by one police spokesman that roughly 30 to 40 fired were started by students after the national championship game, most of which were in trash cans or dumpsters.

Spokeswoman for the Columbus Police Department, Denise Alex-Bouzounis, told NBC News that a “handful” of students were arrested during the early morning hours. She also said, “Our officers should be commended for their diligence and professionalism.”

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