Students Join the Fight for Net Neutrality

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened their website up for public comments last week and received an explosive 3.7 million responses that resulted in the site crashing more than once. Among those commenting, was a high percentage of college students that are joining the fight for net neutrality.

Students are speaking out and showing that they value the ability to have open internet access. If internet providers are able to place a monopoly on the speeds of certain sights, the impact it will have on students and their futures is of growing concern.

Small groups of students, activists, small business owners and advocacy groups gathered forces from all around the country have come together to speak in public locations about the issue. Their main goals were to explain the issue, educate fellow internet consumers and to ultimately affirm their support of net neutrality.

Colleges are getting in on the action as well. There have been recent features in the University of Georgia’s newspaper, The Red and Black. The paper is asking students to share why they feel net neutrality needs to be a reality. Stanford Law School in California has also jumped on the net neutrality bandwagon. They have incorporated the internet debate into their curriculum that allows students to study what it will really mean to have a segregated internet.

The internet campaign director at Free Press, Candace Celement, told USA Today College in reference to the importance of youth support, “If they don’t act now (to support net neutrality), young people could be the last generation to experience the internet as we know it today. Without net neutrality, the internet becomes just another space controlled by (corporate) gatekeepers.”

The FCC is now combing through the multitude of comments that were left on the site last week. The members are also said to be meeting with Congress this week to discuss internet policy and have expressed a desire to come to a conclusion on the issue by the end of the year. Until that time, students will be waiting with anticipation and taking advantage of the open internet we have while it lasts.

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