Stanford Study Reveals Larger Online Class Sizes Have Little Impact On Student Success

A study performed by researchers from Stanford University and released by the American Economic Association finds that the size of online classes have little to no effect on students, their grades, their success or their desire to register in future online courses.

The study is centered around regular classes that ordinary students would enroll in rather than on MOCC’s. This gave researchers a real look into average online courses that can be found at nearly any college or university.

The ultimate findings from the study shows the money saving potential for schools if they consider introducing larger online courses which will enable them to reduce the amount of instructors had and the amount paid out in salaries as a result.

Researchers from Stanford used DeVry University’s online courses as their test subjects and monitored over 100,000 students taking online courses in over 102 different courses. DeVry University offers students one of the largest pools of online courses out there and in turn enabled researchers to really get a clear idea of how an online course system works.

The report made mention of the findings providing “the first evidence that increasing class sizes in the online context may not degrade the quality of the class,” and that “these results could have important policy and financial implications.”

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