Stanford Students Create Wall Climbing ‘Gecko Gloves’

A Stanford University student has fulfilled every little kids wish of being able to climb walls with the creation of “gecko gloves” that allow people the ability to climb walls constructed of glass.

There is a patent pending on the gloves, which effectively mimic the feet of an actual gecko. Geckos are excellent, natural climbers and provided as an interesting inspiration for an invention that is make its way to a toy store near you if the Stanford students in charge of the project have anything to say about it.

The gloves are paddle-like and rather sticky, enabling a full size human to shimmy up a wall of glass with ease just like their favorite childhood hero. Team member, Elliot Hawkes says of the innovative new product, “One of the most important attributes of their adhesive is that it’s controllable, like tape that you can turn on when you want it to stick, and turn off when you don’t.”

Another project team member, specializing in mechanical engineering is Mark Cutowsky. He said, “It turns out that gecko-inspired adhesives are one of the very few technologies that will work in space, where you’ve got a vacuum and very low temperatures.”

We’re going to call it early and bet that “gecko gloves” is going to be the next must have toy, if the patent is completed and they’re on the market by the next holiday season.

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