Stan Lee’s Online Course Covers Superheroes, Comics and More

Listen up, comic book fans! Now is your chance to get inside the mind of the legendary and incomparable Stan Lee during, “The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture,” a free online course being taught by the pioneering comic book creator courtesy of edX and the Smithsonian!

Feel free to freak out now if you’d like. We’ll wait for you to collect yourself.

Mr. Lee will be joined by two more amazing minds as Michael Uslan and his son David join in to open up the world of comics, their impact on our culture and so much more.

Yes, that’s right! You are totally getting to peek inside the mind of the man who created some of the most iconic superheroes we know like Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and The Avengers. There’s also the added bonus of being in the virtual presence of Mr. Uslan who had a major hand as executive producer of a few little movies you may have heard of like Lego Movie, Batman VS Superman and all three movies in The Dark Knight series.

Are you excited yet? Dorking out just a bit? Good, so are we! But wait, there’s more!

For most of us superhero nerds just taking a class taught by Stan Lee would be enough of a reason to enroll, but there’s far more to this class than his awesomeness alone. So, here are a few things Lee and the Uslan’s are planning to tackle during the allotted time if you need another few reasons to job on this opportunity:

  • Discover the reason behind the inception of heroes in 1938 and delve into the “Golden Age” that took place during World War II.
  • Find out what’s behind the wax and wane of the superhero phenomenon over the last several decades.
  • Examine how comic books and superheroes have changed and evolved with our society in ways like “slang, fads, biases and prejudices.”
  • Learn about how the power of the comic industry in the 1950’s almost shut down the McCarthy Era.
  • Delve into the way comics and superheroes became something to fear and contempt to the “government, clergy, educators and parents of the mid-201th century”.
  • Explore the ways that comic books became a part of main stream culture again and became a teaching tool of sorts.
  • Dive into the art behind comic books while seeing how it became ingrained in our artistic culture similarly to the ways music and movies have.
  • Gain insight into the ways comics became such a hot commodity and seeped into so many areas of popular culture. Comics and superheroes are common place now in movies, television shows, video games, children’s programs, fashion and so much more.

Mr. Lee said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s a great honor being invited to share my views on the evolution of superheroes and the genre’s overall impact across all generations of people. Throughout my career, characters have evolved so much – from drawings on a page to other-wordly special effects only animation could produce, to live-action and so much more. I can’t wait to dive into these discussions thank to the Smithsonian and edX.”

The course is intended to be five weeks long and begins on May 5, 2015, all online, for free and all amazing! Anyone interested in taking advantage of all this awesome course has to offer can do so by signing up on the course homepage over at edX or by simply clicking here! See you there!

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