Spring Semester Is Around the Corner! Are You Prepared?

The fall semester is long gone and winter break is quickly coming to an end as well, which means it’s a great time for college students to get a jump start on spring semester preparations.

It may be difficult to get motivated after a couple of weeks of sleeping in and having Mom do your laundry, but in the long run it will help your spring semester start of on the right foot.

A great place to start when preparing for the spring semester is with a schedule review. Rid yourself of any extra stress by taking a look at the courses you enrolled in and make sure that you still need/want to take them. You may decide that you’d rather take something else or something may have changed with your degree requirements. You also want to keep an eye out for any changes to the course in terms of class time, a change in professor or even a course cancellation. It won’t be much fun to show up to class on the first day to find unexpected changes that may impact the rest of your semester.

The start of a new semester almost always means that the lines in the bookstore are going to be super long and slow going. USA Today College suggests skipping the wait and frustration by purchasing your textbooks early or online instead. You get to avoid the lines and no longer have to worry about a much needed book being sold out before your turn in line.

Your dorm room will look like a polar vortex blew through it soon enough, so get a jump start on some much needed organization before things get too out of hand. Get your course materials sorted and located in a neat space out of the way for now. Go ahead and stock up on the necessities like notebooks, pens, pencils and folders too, but don’t forget to organize them too. Use a calendar of sorts to pencil in your course schedule and other important dates to remember. This will help you remember your new routine and keep you from forgetting when you need to do something important like register for an internship or apply for financial aid for the summer semester.

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