Spoon University Brings Out The Inner Foodie In College Students

Northwestern University grads, Mackenzie Barth and Sarah Adler, have found the perfect recipe for success with their super fun website Spoon University and new media partnership with Yahoo Food.

These two savvy food lovers decided to ditch the lousy food in the dining hall and shun the friendly pizza delivery guy for good during their senior year of college.

Co-founder of Spoon, Mackenzie Barth, recently told Yahoo Food a bit about how the duo got started. She said, “My partner [Sarah Adler] and I started this as just a print mag at Northwestern in fall 2012. It was a passion project. We wanted to bring people together around food. We did these guacamole-making competitions – guac-offs. And we were always throwing potlucks. We thought it was strange that there was no publication around that. Senior year we launched the print magazine. Then we launched a dinky website in fall 2013, with five [college] sites. I was a communications studies major; Sarah was a journalism and religious studies major – and now she’s our coder!”

They’ve since watched their idea flourish into a snazzy website with 2,4oo content contributors and 51 college chapters joining in on the food loving fun. Their mission to “bring people together around food” has surely been accomplished and they’ve only just begin.

Spoon University is hands down one of the most unique and incredibly brilliant websites out there for millennials as it brings exciting food news, recipe ideas, cooking how-to’s and great articles together for college students.

These ladies also score a major win for extending opportunities to college students or recent graduates who are interested in contributing to the website. These fresh voices and perspectives make everything served up by Spoon University delightfully engaging even if you’re far removed from your college years.

Barth said in the Yahoo Food interview, “All content is written by college kids or people who [are one year out] from graduation. The tone is refreshing and honest, and less formal than fancier publications.”

Agreed! Fun, fresh and totally inviting! Head on over to see what the writers at Spoon University are cooking up next and see if your college or university has a chapter!

Congrats on your new partnership and continued success, Mackenzie and Sarah! Thanks for making me hungry and for giving me a reason to binge on slutty cupcakes in the name of journalistic research!

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