Sony CEO May Be NYU Bound According to Leaked Emails

Michael Lynton, Sony Entertainment CEO, has his sights set on the president’s seat at NYU if his emails have anything to say about it.

The company wide security breech in November left many at Sony scrambling as emails and documents hit the internet for all the see. It appears that emails from Lynton to his sister along with friends and colleagues, hint towards a possible move to the prestigious, New York University.

According to Buzzfeed, one of Lynton’s emails to his sister said, “I know I don’t fit the traditional candidate for the head of an elite university. But I’ve served on the boards of Harvard and the RAND Corporation, which has given me a high-level understanding of how institutions of higher learning operate.”

Lynton went on to email NYU law professor, Kenji Yoshino about his desire to fill the shoes of current NYU president, John Sexton. He wasn’t going to let his inexperience in the education world stop him at all as he expressed in an October email to Yoshino. He wrote, “because the institution is so large and complex that it would benefit from professional and compassionate management,” in a attempt to support his views that he is a viable candidate for position.

Sexton isn’t quite ready to pack up his desk and hand over the keys to his office just yet, though, since he isn’t expected to step down until 2016. Lynton renewed his contract with Sony in 2013 and it is unclear if the contract will have any impact on his future plans. He hasn’t commented on his desire to say goodbye to Hollywood for academia as of yet.

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