Schools Launch “One Day University” for Older Adult Students

Older adults are becoming increasingly interested in attending college. Going to school is now even easier with the new One Day University that is being offered throughout the country. This new program has even recruited some of the professors from the top universities to perform single day learning chances.

There is a One Day University event happening on Sunday in Philadelphia as a matter of fact. As of Wednesday, there were still around 80 seats available for those who are interested in attending. This event is serious business too as professors from Swarthmore College, Georgetown University, Brown University, American University and the University of Pennsylvania will be there to teach.

The founder and executive director of One Day University, Steven Schragis, says that the return rate of students is pretty high at nearly 70%. He also talks about how packed the sessions are, This shows that this is the right time and place for something like this.

Students that attend will hear lectures on psychology, art, ethics, political science, history, international relations and science. These are some pretty intense topics to cover, and it’s even better that they are taught by experts in these fields. This is certainly a great way to get older students back into the classroom and learning again.

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