San Diego State University Students Raise Awareness in an Interesting Way

The students of San Diego State University have a very interesting way of showing support and raising awareness for the need for gender neutral bathrooms on campus. The Trans* Action and Advocacy Student Coalition created and organized an event that was aptly named a “sh*t in.”

This event was served as a challenge to fellow university students. A challenge to stop using the gender specific restrooms on campus for an entire week. To make an even bolder statement, the TAASC had five spare toilets set just outside of one of the buildings on campus with important info about the necessity of gender neutral bathrooms nearby. There was also a petition on hand for students to sign when they visited the display of toilets and to sign the pledge.

TAASC Force member A.T. Furuya said, “The day of the event we passed out 500 flyers by 1:00 pm.70 people pledged to take the gender neutral bathroom challenge. Students stopped and inquired, took selfies on the toilets and hashtagged #sdsushitin.”

There are currently only 15 gender neutral restrooms on the San Diego State University campus and most of them aren’t located in places that students are able to easily reach. The number of gender neutral bathrooms is sad when compared to the over 340 gender specific ones. With the amount of students attending at any given time reaching numbers beyond 30,000, we’d say that it’s time to make the necessary and needed accommodations for each and every student.

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