Resume Time? Don’t Include These Things

With unemployment rates high and the competition to find a job stiff, it’s a good idea to comb through your resume and fine tune it. We all are aware of what we should put on our resumes, but do we really know what she should not include? Here are a few things that you definitely want to keep out of your resume:

  1. Typos and Grammatical Errors: You would be surprised how typos, poor spelling and poor grammar can hurt your chances of landing a job during your search. Make sure that you proof read your resume or even have a second pair of eyes do it for you.
  2. Personal Information: It’s really important that you limit the amount of personal information you put into your resume. Potential employers do not need to know your age, marital status, religion or sexual orientation. They are not technically allowed to even ask you those questions during an interview and volunteering that information is unnecessary. Keep your resume nice and tight with only the information that is pertinent to the position you are applying to.
  3. All of Your Jobs and Responsibilities: Try to keep only the jobs and responsibilities that are similar to the one you are currently applying to. Keep it simple and relevant because interviewers will skip your resume and move on to another that seems more streamlined. Interviewers do not care that you babysat when you were 17 years old or that you worked as a ticket taker at the state fair. The less extra information that you include, the better your chances are.
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