Report: UNC Officials Failed to Stop Academic Fraud

It has been confirmed that officials at the University of North Carolina have done nothing to stop the academic fraud that has been committed for 18 years. It appears many university advisers and other facutly knew about the falsified grades and paper classes, but chose to turn a blind eye rather than report the issue. The nearly two decade long controversy began in an attempt to keep athletes eligible at the school.

Chief investigator, Kenneth Wainsten, was hired by UNC and spent 8 months investigating the issue after questions were raised about the validity of some of the university’s classes and programs. Wainstein says, “These counselors saw the paper classes and the artificially high grades they yielded as key to helping some student-athletes remain eligible.”

So far it looks like there were at least 3,100 students that were enrolled in paper classes, but a higher number if suspected. The report comes after an initial investigation was opened five years ago when UNC was suspected of fraudulent behavior originally. The university later admitted that there was indeed a certain amount of wrong doing occurring and recently confirmed the athletic programs were involved as well as academics.

The results of Wainstien’s report resulted in the firing of four UNC employees and an additional five have been disciplined as a result of their roles in the scandal. Chancellor Carol Folt was also stripped of her honorary status. Folt had previously admitted to some issues at the university when she stated, “We have failed students for years,” which is indeed very true.

The university has had a long standing reputation that has been stellar and one of much prestige, but the proof of their fraudulent actions in order to allow athletes a free pass, is hard to swallow and will surely a tarnished reputation.

It is unclear what the scandal means for the future of UNC and only time will tell how far reaching the repercussions for the actions of university officials will be felt.

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