Report: Poverty Impacts Students Decision to Attend College

A research report that was released on Tuesday that was conducted by the National Student Clearinghouse, stated high poverty rates among high school students strongly impact whether or not new high school graduates attend college.

The National Student Clearinghouse used over 3.5 million high school graduates to gather results from. Out of all of the students polled, poverty still remains a top issue that plagues students and greatly impacts their decision to move forward with their education.

The report shows that students from the class of 2013 had lower rates of college enrollment than students that were categorized in low-income, low-minority, suburban and rural schools did. In contrast to the previously mentioned group of students, we have students that hailed from schools that were low-minority and higher-income who were reported to enroll in amounts right after graduation.

Afet Dunar, the associate director of the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center says that she, “Hopes the report leads to discussions of ways to reduce the college enrollment gap between low-income and high-income students. Our goal is not to answer the why question. We believe it should be the policymakers.”

College enrollment rate for students coming from charter schools or private schools are clocking in at around 86% whereas students that are coming from low income schools are only enrolling 47 % to 58% of the time.

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