Rafter Introduces New Textbook Money Saver

The course materials company, Rafter, recently informed the education world of the impending release of Rafter 360, a solution to the high cost of course materials. With the cost of textbooks and materials steadily increasing, Rafter360 comes at the perfect time to ease the burden on students as well as colleges.

The new program will now offer students a way to get the course materials needed prior to the start of class for one flat fee rather than having to shell out some of the high fees that are attached to them. Both Thomas More College and Schreiner University use Rafter360 and have said that students are saving around 55% when all of their required course materials are totaled.

Rafter has earned quite a name for itself during its time under the current moniker as well as when the company was known as BookRenter. As a testament to the success found by by this company, they are serving well over 2 million students and have helped them to save a reported $525 million just on textbooks alone.

The company is hoping to gain enough momentum to help even more students while also establishing lengthy relationships with schools and suppliers alike. Rafter began the new program with the goal of redefining the way students, colleges and their professors view course materials from start to finish.

Rafter CEO Sara Leoni, had this to say what about the project, “It was clear there needed to be a better way to take control over the skyrocketing costs of textbooks and make sure that students have the content and materials they need to be successful. With Rafter360, we changed the game by designing the program to fully automate the course materials process. We looked painstakingly at every angle to make sure our solution would benefit all stakeholders – students, faculty and campuses – with greatly reduced costs for students, freedom of choice for faculty when choosing course materials, and ease of use for administration and staff.”

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