Quinnipiac University Suspends Fraternity and Begins Hazing Investigation

The Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity of Quinnipiac University, has been suspended temporarily as an investigation begins to sort out allegations of hazing.

As of Tuesday, one fraternity member has been expelled from the university and several others have been expelled and punished. More members may be subject to disciplinary actions once the investigation into their behavior and the hazing allegations is complete.

Quinnipiac University officials sent the fraternity a cease and desist notification informing the members of the investigation according to vice president of public affairs, Lynn Bushnell.

In a statement, Bushnell said, “Other TKE members have also been sanctioned as part of the investigation, and several more will face the student conduct process. In addition, the university has issued the fraternity a cease and desist order prohibiting it from operating at the university until the student conduct process is completed. With the safety and security of our students being paramount, the university simply will not tolerate hazing of any kind by any group or individual and will act swiftly to remove those held responsible from the community.”

A spokesperson for the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity had no comment according to the Associated Press.

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