QuestBridge Pushes High Achieving, Low Income Students to Attend College

QuestBridge, a nonprofit group and is quickly changing the way that the college admissions is handled.

High achieving students that are in lower income brackets no longer have to settle on a college that isn’t their first choice and it’s all thanks to QuestBridge’s initiative to make top notch schools more accessible. There are currently 300 undergraduates attending Stanford this year that came through the QuestBridge system. Top school Amherst saw 11% of the incoming student body coming in through QuestBridge as well. Proving that they have made such an impact on the way college admissions are approached, we see that Yale has even altered their admissions application to replicate the one provided by the group.

The group was founded by a married Northern California couple that has substantial backgrounds in entrepreneurship and investment. Their goal for QuestBridge is to find a way to influence the types of colleges that students apply for. President of Vassar, Catharine Bond Hill says that this program is “Like a national admissions office.”

There is a notable gap between the more affluent teenagers in our country and those that are less fortunate. QuestBridge is working fastidiously to bridge this achievement gap. We can in turn see how providing a viable stepping stone for students that come from less privileged backgrounds that the impact on their future will be drastically changed. Not only are they exposed to betters schools and more opportunities, but it opens them up to climbing the ladder to better and higher paying jobs.

QuestBridge is responsible for hundreds of college graduates over the past decade. We can thank their program for many teachers, professors, business people, doctors among many other great positions.

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