Purdue Anthropologist Allows Researchers To Follow Him On 140 Race Across The U.S.

Purdue anthropologist, Bryce Carlson, is so dedicated to his work in biological anthropology that he has offered himself up to his colleagues as a study subject to see how exactly the body handles and responds to extreme exercise by way of participating in the Race Across USA.

Carlson is gearing up to put test his body’s limits as he runs across the United States on foot, which will require approximately 3,080 miles of hardcore pavement pounding. Carlson is said to be looking forward to the physical and mental challenges in store for him during his cross country trek.

He says, “The adventure of the run seemed extraordinary, and I thought it would be a tremendous opportunity for science.”

The race starts on January 26th and will have Carlson running roughly 26 miles each day with a day to rest every seventh or eighth day. The starting point is in Los Angeles and runners are expected to complete their run on June 3rd in Washington, D.C.

Carlson is the only runner participating in the study who doubles as a researcher, but there are several runners joining in and many researchers making use of their 140 day foot race for research purposes.

Researchers are projected to have have a lot of data gathered upon the completion of Carlson’s coast to coast run as they gather information daily from each runner that will tell them a lot about how their bodies react to the constant strain during the 140 jaunt.

Carlson says of the study, “The purpose of the study is to the runners in a position where they’re experiencing some stress and see how their behaviors change and how they adapt to stress. Those going from the couch to their first 5K, they’re going to experience a lot of the same things that we do.”

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