Professor of Business Finance is the First to Use Google Glass Technology for Feedback

Professor Michael Gofman of Wisconsin of Business Finance at the University Wisconsin-Madison, is the first university level professor to ever implement the use of Google Glass for feedback for his students.

Gofman, like many professors, struggled with an effective way to give all of his students feedback. He developed the idea of using Google Glass in February 2014.

So what exactly is this new technology and how can it help improve giving students feedback? We’ll let use Grofman’s own explanation to tell.

“Instead of marking the paper and posting the solution, we can record personalized videos for each student,” explains Grofman, “we’re not just showing their grade and what they did wrong, but how they can improve in the future. They technology was the perfect fit for the problem.”

So far he has used the technology for one semester in his Business Finances and evaluation scores for students that measure the quality of the feedback that provided by Grofman have increased 38% from the prior years and is around 22% higher on average than all over business courses conducted in the same semester.

The Google Glass Explorer Program provided the device to Grofman after he applied in February. By the middle of the semester his teaching assistant was able to start using it and implementing the new way to give feedback to students.

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