Professional Cuddlers Wanted! Yes, This Is A Real Job

How do you feel about engaging in a totally platonic snuggle session with a complete stranger for money? If you’re anything like me, you likely feel intrigued, skeptical and slightly uncomfortable? For those of you who are down for a trip to cuddle town, there may be the perfect job out there for you! Apparently there is a growing demand for professional cuddlers and business is booming.

“We are looking for kind, caring, and understanding people to become snugglers. No experience is required, but a warm personality is. The job is primarily platonic cuddling and talking to clients. Employees agree to not have any sexual activity with clients (no kissing, no touching private areas),” reads the job description on The Snuggle Buddies website.

Becoming a professional snuggler seems to be a pretty lucrative job for those who are willing to curl up in bed with a total stranger. Professional cuddle buddies are reported to make anywhere from $40 to $80 an hour with some companies paying employees for travel time as well. Not bad for an hour of lying in bed, right?

Now going to a strangers home (or having them come to yours) does seem a bit on the unsafe side given that you never really know what some people are capable of. However, a lot of snuggle service companies have safety measures in place to keep their employees out of harms way.

The Snuggle Buddies website pledges the following to the professional snugglers they employ: “If you are uncomfortable with meeting clients for the first time at the session, you may suggest a quick public meeting. Some snugglers carry mace as a personal defense weapon, but no one has ever used it during a snuggle session. If at any time a snuggler feels that a client poses a threat to their personal safety, the snuggler reserves the right to end a session or refuse service. Info your safety contact of the client’s name, location, time and duration of the session. At the end of each session, you must make a safety call to your contact person. If they do not hear from you within 45 minutes, they will call the police and send them to your location. (This has never occurred. We have an impeccable safety record.) Inform your safety contact of any changes to the session.”

Samatha Hess is a professional cuddler, author and owner of Cuddle Up To Me in Portland, Oregon. She’s making waves in the cuddle community with her mission to make the world a better place one cuddle at a time.

“In my service we specialize in dealing with people who’ve had physical abuse, emotional trauma, autism, all sorts of diseases and disabilities,” Hess told The Daily Beast at last month’s CuddleCon.

She received a bit of flack from the press last month during the first ever CuddleCon. She and others in her field are being criticized for their lack of professional training and for attempting to serve as pseudo therapists of sorts to their clients in need of a hug. While professional cuddlers don’t actually bill themselves as mental health professionals, there is a lot of talk about making clients happier and healthier as a result of their services.

Hess herself says, “We are not just making our clients better. We are literally improving their lives.”

However, Dr. David Brillhart, a licensed forensic and correctional pyshcologist, told The Daily Beast, “When cuddlers talk about being careful with an at-risk client, are they familiar with how to look for those people’s triggers or how those triggers affects their lives outside of their sessions? With the types of people they cater to, cuddlers might truly believe they are helping without realizing their actions are actually re-traumatizing their clients.”

If you’re up for spooning some random strangers for a job, definitely take a look at some of the open positions at any of the companies offering similar snuggle services.

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