Princeton’s Proposal to End the Limit On A’s in the Future

There may be some good news heading towards the students at Princeton University! It looks as though there is a memorandum that is being endorsed by Christopher L. Eisgruber who is the president of the university. This memorandum will change the current policy that is in place that limits the amount of students that receive As. Yep, that’s right… there is an actual cap on the amount of As a student can receive.

Under the current guidelines, only 35 percent of the students are able to receive an A grade. The new proposed change is being introduced to encourage each academic department to set their own grading standards.  If the faculty at Princeton is on board for this change it will represent a pretty huge shift in the university’s guidelines. In 2004, this interesting policy first gained attention and at that time somewhere around 50 percent of students were pulling in grades within the A range, which is what prompted this change.

It seems there was a pretty decent amount of students that felt that the decrease in As was not acceptable. The grading issue was cited to be one of the main reasons they were unhappy with their time the school. It’s pretty say to say that the addition of more grades in the A range will likely reduce the stress level of students and increase their happiness.

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